Punx Not Disposable 4

The fourth installation of Punx Not Disposable features photos taken on a disposable camera from the summer of 2018 and at Full Terror Assault Open Air. From shows in legitimate venues to moments captured outside of backyard DIY shows, these photos showcase the diverse settings that comprise Chicago’s music community. If you’re interested in obtaining a physical print of any of these photos, shoot us an email. Best Coast … Continue reading Punx Not Disposable 4

UGLYBoNES releases third full-length record, SUNSHINE

Written by Buck Rogets Cover photo by Edy Garcia For about half a decade now, the bastard punks in UGLYBoNES have brought punk to the modern age. The group couples high fidelity recording with a new abrasive touch from all fronts. Vocalist Lev practically punches you in your ears with a beautiful screeching yell. The guitars, in every iteration of lineup, have always been exciting … Continue reading UGLYBoNES releases third full-length record, SUNSHINE