Liz Phair: Return to Guyville

Liz Phair strutted across the floor of the Metro and on to a small raised platform in the back of the room where I was standing. “Hey, what’s up?” she asked me. “How’re you?” “‘Hey! I’m doing alright,” I told her. I wish I would have said something a little cooler or sophisticated, but my job as a VIP Rep requires that I conduct myself … Continue reading Liz Phair: Return to Guyville

Behind the Music: Final Vans Warped Tour Recap

The cross-country Vans Warped Tour, an alternative music festival started in 1995, has finally come to an end. Back in February 2018, founder Kevin Lyman announced that this year’s traveling fest would be the last summer milestone for many young music fans across the nation. With a diverse lineup of punk, metal and rap groups, Warped Tour has always appealed to a wide array of … Continue reading Behind the Music: Final Vans Warped Tour Recap

D. I. whY not?

By Monsieur “Monzy” Mason Contributing Writer Cover Photo by Kaitlyn Johnston Edited by Nikki Roberts When I went to my first house show, it was quite an unforgettable experience. Game Changers, Let It Fly, Gardens, The Feedback Fiends, Mishandled and Flight Plan played that show. Watching 200+ kids moshing, finger pointing and singing along at one guy’s house was just amazing and knowing that they … Continue reading D. I. whY not?

Chicago’s SXE Community Part 2: Why We’re Here

The previous installment of Chicago SXE, “How We Got Here”, explored the “paths” that members of Chicago’s straight edge community have traveled on their journey to claiming straight edge. The three main paths explored were 1) having previous problematic substance use, 2) modeling positive behavior from a role model who exemplified straight edge values and 3) having a negative influence in their life that steered … Continue reading Chicago’s SXE Community Part 2: Why We’re Here