Chicago Hardcore Night at Sleeping Village

$1 Beer Night at Sleeping Village in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood is already an alluring grab for any local venue, but booking illusion of choice, INSTILL, and BUGGIN on the three-band bill this past Monday made it an unforgettable night — that is, unless you took advantage of those cheap PBRs. Continue reading Chicago Hardcore Night at Sleeping Village

Your Arms Are My Cocoon & Mush at Schubas

It was a bitter cold Chicago night — in fact, the whole United States was experiencing a punishing freeze. The last week’s snowfall gave way to blistering freezes that solidified the sidewalks into sheets of ice fit for a zamboni. Luckily, the roads were clear enough for show-goers to make it out to Schubas Tavern in Lakeview on a Saturday night. Continue reading Your Arms Are My Cocoon & Mush at Schubas

Letter From the Editor

Now, Locals Only is back in the format I first envisioned it — an online print & media publication. With the time commitment of the radio show off my shoulders, I’m excited to return to writing feature articles and in-depth interviews. In addition to the content I personally plan to write & publish, I want this platform to be open and collaborative; any Chicago creative who wants to use their talents to help document the city’s vibrant rock, punk & metal communities is welcome to share this online space. Continue reading Letter From the Editor