Your Arms Are My Cocoon & Mush at Schubas

It was a bitter cold Chicago night — in fact, the whole United States was experiencing a punishing freeze. The last week’s snowfall gave way to blistering freezes that solidified the sidewalks into sheets of ice fit for a zamboni. Luckily, the roads were clear enough for show-goers to make it out to Schubas Tavern in Lakeview on a Saturday night. Continue reading Your Arms Are My Cocoon & Mush at Schubas

Crystal Killers’ debuts new single, “You Don’t Know Why”

Southside indie rock band Crystal Killers will be releasing their latest single, “You Don’t Know Why,” on November 30. Hailing from the West Lawn neighborhood, Crystal Killers has performed as a four-piece for two years and draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres and local Chicago artists. “We have a variety of influences stemming from emo, pop punk, alternative, indie…to old-school Latin groups from … Continue reading Crystal Killers’ debuts new single, “You Don’t Know Why”

Liz Phair: Return to Guyville

Liz Phair strutted across the floor of the Metro and on to a small raised platform in the back of the room where I was standing. “Hey, what’s up?” she asked me. “How’re you?” “‘Hey! I’m doing alright,” I told her. I wish I would have said something a little cooler or sophisticated, but my job as a VIP Rep requires that I conduct myself … Continue reading Liz Phair: Return to Guyville

DIY Art Gallery

It’s no secret that many record labels and production companies have the luxury of throwing around big bucks to hire graphic designers when it comes to their advertising budgets. However, at a DIY show where it can often be difficult to get patrons to cough up the $5 cover fee, spending money on advertising and art is seldom included in the budget. Below is a … Continue reading DIY Art Gallery