Shred Your Standards Photo Gallery

Last weekend, fans of Chicago art, music, and skating flocked to Logan BLVD skate park for Shred Your Standards Fest. The first day of the fest was photographed by Zack Lewandowski, whose knack for capturing the energy of the crowd in his live music photography conveys the lively, buzzing atmosphere of Chicagoland DIY shows. Continue reading Shred Your Standards Photo Gallery

Mazard: Bring it All Out

When I’m angry at the state of the world, I’m always rudely reminded that no matter how pissed off I am, there are so few (socially acceptable) ways in which I’m able to release my bitterness and go unhinged. I find comfort in the local scene where there are bands who are setting out to relieve their own stress – bands like Aurora punks Mazard. … Continue reading Mazard: Bring it All Out

Riot Fest 2018 Photo Gallery

Photography equipment is on Riot Fest‘s list of contraband, but that didn’t stop Locals Only from capturing the festival on one of our trusty disposable cameras. Check out our photos and, as usual, shoot us a message if you’re interested in obtaining a physical copy of one. Day One: Friday, September 14th Day Two: Saturday, September 15th Day Three: Sunday, September 16th   Continue reading Riot Fest 2018 Photo Gallery