D. I. whY not?

By Monsieur “Monzy” Mason Contributing Writer Cover Photo by Kaitlyn Johnston Edited by Nikki Roberts When I went to my first house show, it was quite an unforgettable experience. Game Changers, Let It Fly, Gardens, The Feedback Fiends, Mishandled and Flight Plan played that show. Watching 200+ kids moshing, finger pointing and singing along at one guy’s house was just amazing and knowing that they … Continue reading D. I. whY not?

Punx Not Disposable 3 Photo Gallery

The third installation of Punx Not Disposable features photos taken on a disposable camera from the middle of January to the last day of May of 2018. From shows in legitimate venues to moments captured outside of backyard DIY shows, these photos showcase the diverse settings that encompass Chicago’s music communities. If you’re interested in obtaining a physical print of any of these photos, shoot … Continue reading Punx Not Disposable 3 Photo Gallery

Meet Chicago’s South Side sad boys

Drummer Gustavo Najera unsuccessfully tries to hold back his smile as he hears the demo of “The Mess You Made,” the latest song by his band, Habitats. With the exception of myself and Najera, everyone else in the room has heard the recording before. The four other members of Habitats are crowded around their bass player’s phone, eager to hear the initial product of the … Continue reading Meet Chicago’s South Side sad boys

Brutal spring weather won’t stop Chicago’s DIY shows

I’ve been reminiscing about summer DIY shows lately. Do you remember those? The ones where you could go crazy in the pit because you didn’t have three layers of hoodies weighing you down. Those shows you could walk to with your friends while enjoying the sun instead of waiting 15 minutes for the bus as the city’s brutal wind whips your face. When I think … Continue reading Brutal spring weather won’t stop Chicago’s DIY shows