Chicago Hardcore Night at Sleeping Village

$1 Beer Night at Sleeping Village in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood is already an alluring grab for any local venue, but booking illusion of choice, INSTILL, and BUGGIN on the three-band bill this past Monday made it an unforgettable night — that is, unless you took advantage of those cheap PBRs. Continue reading Chicago Hardcore Night at Sleeping Village

Habitats & Old Coke at Golden Dagger

On November 16, Old Coke and Habitats opened for touring acts Honeymoon from Ohio and Cursetheknife from Oklahoma City at Golden Dagger — photographer Heriberto Gallegos was there to capture the entire show. Although Old Coke has only played a few shows, their sludgy set was an energetic start to the night that filled the small venue with catchy fuzz riffs. Habitats opened with “A … Continue reading Habitats & Old Coke at Golden Dagger

X Will Mark The Place Celebrates The One-Year Anniversary of Babble

It’s been one year since X Will Mark The Place released Babble — an energetic four-track EP that attacks listeners’ ears with dancey punk grooves — but just three months since the band made their live debut. In this interview, vocalist/guitarist Eric Centeno discusses what was running through his head when he wrote the lyrics to the songs he released a year ago; the band’s … Continue reading X Will Mark The Place Celebrates The One-Year Anniversary of Babble

Q&A: The Last Great Riot

The Last Great Riot has been playing their blend of melodic rock and garage punk since 2016. Guitarist/vocalist John Beavers and drummer Scott Durand began playing together when they both joined a “work band” at their shared place of employment that strictly performed at work events. The duo decided to jam outside of work and eventually recruited Durand’s friend, bassist Mario Mazzone, to complete the … Continue reading Q&A: The Last Great Riot

Letter From the Editor

Now, Locals Only is back in the format I first envisioned it — an online print & media publication. With the time commitment of the radio show off my shoulders, I’m excited to return to writing feature articles and in-depth interviews. In addition to the content I personally plan to write & publish, I want this platform to be open and collaborative; any Chicago creative who wants to use their talents to help document the city’s vibrant rock, punk & metal communities is welcome to share this online space. Continue reading Letter From the Editor

Q&A: Enforced (VA)

Virginia crossover thrash band ENFORCED is fresh off their spring run with Iron Reagan, Sacred Reich and Leeway, and are preparing to release their first full-length album this July. Before their set at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago on May 15, vocalist Knox Colby talked about the band’s most recent tour, his lyrical influences, and the Virginia Beach hardcore scene. You can read an excerpt … Continue reading Q&A: Enforced (VA)

Locals Only Radio: Spring Recap

Hey everyone! It’s Nikki, the host of Locals Only Radio on Radio DePaul, and I wanted to thank everyone who tuned into my show this quarter. Whether you listen to the broadcast or watch the live stream, your support is what motivates me to not only continue hosting my show, but to take the necessary steps to be constantly improving the broadcast. This spring, I … Continue reading Locals Only Radio: Spring Recap