Letter From the Editor

Now, Locals Only is back in the format I first envisioned it — an online print & media publication. With the time commitment of the radio show off my shoulders, I’m excited to return to writing feature articles and in-depth interviews. In addition to the content I personally plan to write & publish, I want this platform to be open and collaborative; any Chicago creative who wants to use their talents to help document the city’s vibrant rock, punk & metal communities is welcome to share this online space. Continue reading Letter From the Editor

Q&A: Enforced (VA)

Virginia crossover thrash band ENFORCED is fresh off their spring run with Iron Reagan, Sacred Reich and Leeway, and are preparing to release their first full-length album this July. Before their set at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago on May 15, vocalist Knox Colby talked about the band’s most recent tour, his lyrical influences, and the Virginia Beach hardcore scene. You can read an excerpt … Continue reading Q&A: Enforced (VA)

Q+A: Bovice

Bovice is one of the newest hardcore bands to come out of Chicago. The five-piece beatdown band has already been endorsed by The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett–and they haven’t even played a single live show yet. In this interview with Locals Only, Bovice reveals how they’ve managed to gain a dedicated local following, what sets them apart from other Chicago beatdown bands, and when you … Continue reading Q+A: Bovice

How one Chicago hardcore vocalist is using music to benefit pups in need

Wiley Willis, usually recognizable by his signature page boy cap and the facial tattoos on both his temples, is hiding in plain sight at the Up the Pups benefit show at the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport. A red bubble coat surrounds his bald, tattooed head and his heavily tattooed arms, leaving only the tattoos on his hands visible. Willis is the vocalist of two Chicago … Continue reading How one Chicago hardcore vocalist is using music to benefit pups in need

Snuffed, the newest punk band on the scene, talks Chicago influences + goals for 2019

Snuffed is one of the latest additions to Chicago’s impressive array of hardcore punk bands. Before their show at the Archer Ballroom, a DIY space in Bridgeport, Locals Only met up with the members of Snuffed. Sprawled across the worn carpeted stairs of the Archer Ballroom and bundled up in flannels and thick winter coats, guitarist Aaron Schmitt, drummer Joe Brandenburger, vocalist Karly de Sota, and … Continue reading Snuffed, the newest punk band on the scene, talks Chicago influences + goals for 2019

Crystal Killers’ debuts new single, “You Don’t Know Why”

Southside indie rock band Crystal Killers will be releasing their latest single, “You Don’t Know Why,” on November 30. Hailing from the West Lawn neighborhood, Crystal Killers has performed as a four-piece for two years and draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres and local Chicago artists. “We have a variety of influences stemming from emo, pop punk, alternative, indie…to old-school Latin groups from … Continue reading Crystal Killers’ debuts new single, “You Don’t Know Why”

Liz Phair: Return to Guyville

Liz Phair strutted across the floor of the Metro and on to a small raised platform in the back of the room where I was standing. “Hey, what’s up?” she asked me. “How’re you?” “‘Hey! I’m doing alright,” I told her. I wish I would have said something a little cooler or sophisticated, but my job as a VIP Rep requires that I conduct myself … Continue reading Liz Phair: Return to Guyville

Riot Fest 2018 Photo Gallery

Photography equipment is on Riot Fest‘s list of contraband, but that didn’t stop Locals Only from capturing the festival on one of our trusty disposable cameras. Check out our photos and, as usual, shoot us a message if you’re interested in obtaining a physical copy of one. Day One: Friday, September 14th Day Two: Saturday, September 15th Day Three: Sunday, September 16th   Continue reading Riot Fest 2018 Photo Gallery

Punx Not Disposable 4

.From shows in legitimate venues to moments captured outside of backyard DIY shows, these photos showcase the diverse settings that comprise Chicago’s music community. Best Coast // June 30th, 2018 // Humboldt Park WDKY // July 8th, 2018 // Berwyn Block Party XEUTHANIZEDX // July 14th, 2018 // Cobra Lounge Beach Bunny // August 12th, 2018 // Subteranean UGLYBoNES Record Release Show // August 17th, … Continue reading Punx Not Disposable 4