June Show Previews

Chicago summer is finally here, and its arrival marks the end of cold warehouse shows and bundling up just to make the trek to see your favorite local bands . The arrival of summer means DIY yard shows, sweating through your shirt in mosh pits and reuniting with friends who always seem to disappear during the winter. To help jump start your summer, Locals Only picked out five shows in June that you won’t want to miss.

June 7th: Corrupted Booking Presents: (A)Truth from New York

Come out to Humboldt Park to see locals Through N Through, Martha’s Got A Limp Wrist, Cenobites and Feral Vision open for New York anarcho punk band, (A)Truth. For more info and music, check out the event page here.61476712_1434578236682348_4017482691799678976_n (1).jpg

June 11th: Otro Ritmo Punk Night at One City Tap

Sorry, kids, this event’s for the big boys. If you’re 21+ and looking to check out the city’s south side punk scene, then One City Tap in McKinley Park is where you need to be next Tuesday. In addition to punk DJ sets from DJ Malice and DJ Orno, there will be live performances by Pkdores and Concienca. You can learn more about these bi-weekly events here, and get more information on this specific event by visiting the Facebook event page.


June 13th: The Waiting Room Presents…Who Knows? + more!

Not in the city? No worries! The 105 in Naperville will be hosting an all ages show for suburban and city folk alike. Catch three local bands, Who Knows?, Porcupine, and Heartflet, for just 7 bucks! More info here. Again, this show is all ages, so it’s a perfect opportunity to introduce a younger sibling, friend, or even a neighbor to the Chicagoland music community!


June 24th: Krimewatch in Chicago

Excuse my personal bias, but this is the show that Locals Only  is most excited for this month! After seeing Krimewatch in Brooklyn in December, I can’t wait to see one of their energetic sets in Chicago. Catch locals Side Action, Vortex, and Buggin Out along with St. Louis’s own Sniper Culture open for Krimewatch from NYC! It’s all going down at ChiTown Futbol in Pilsen for just 10 bucks. You can find more information and voice any questions or concerns here.


June 26th: Beyond the Limit

Beyond the Limit? That’s that rock ‘n’ roll memoralbila shop, right? Right! But they also host small DIY shows above the shop, and that’s where you can see Violated Right, Flagbearer, Buggin Out, and Bovice tear the place apart at an all ages, no booze show for $10. This hardcore show isn’t for the faint of heart, so be prepared!


Have any other June show recommendations? We’d love to hear them! Shoot us an email via our contact page or submit your event to our calendar.

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