Locals Only Radio: Spring Recap

Hey everyone! It’s Nikki, the host of Locals Only Radio on Radio DePaul, and I wanted to thank everyone who tuned into my show this quarter. Whether you listen to the broadcast or watch the live stream, your support is what motivates me to not only continue hosting my show, but to take the necessary steps to be constantly improving the broadcast.

This spring, I decided to do something new with my show that would allow me to create the best quality broadcasts while also showcasing the diverse musical talent that exists in Chicago. I switched from a weekly schedule to a bi-weekly schedule to ensure that I’d be able to book a band each week, as well as have the time to give each show the preparation and attention it deserves. The result was four live interviews with four very different local bands. Watch the live stream of each show below, and continue reading to find out how you can submit your music to the summer and fall broadcasts.



Bad Blood


Evil Empire

Black Mass

If you or your band are interested in being interviewed during the summer or fall broadcasts, please send a brief biography, links to your music, and links to your social media accounts to this email. Thanks!

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