2019 PSA

Hello Locals Only readers! I’m Nikki Roberts, founder and editor-in-chief of the Locals Only blog and the host of its radio show on Radio DePaul.

Whether I’m writing a story, managing the blog, posting on the Locals Only social media accounts or hosting a weekly radio show, I try to keep it professional. Many of you who engage with Locals Only know me personally, but a fair share of you do not, so I try my best to be an informative source of what’s going on in Chicago’s underground music scene, especially when it comes to metal, hardcore and punk music.

While I try to be a personable and casual host on my radio show, I rarely show a more vulnerable side and talk about all the work that goes into managing Locals Only. I love this project and am fortunate to work with so many talented bands and an incredible staff at Radio DePaul but, behind the scenes, I run all of this alone. I am an employed student who does not get paid to run this blog or radio show.  I love Locals Only and am excited to push it to new lengths in 2019, it can be very overwhelming to manage all of this while working, maintaining relationships, and working towards an undergraduate journalism degree.

I am a firm believer that it is important to take breaks from whatever you’re passionate about. Whether you are learning or practicing a trade, playing in a band, going to school, creating art or writing stories, sometimes taking a break from the things we love allows us to re-frame our work and approach it from a new, refreshed state of mind.

At the end of November, I had a few radio shows canceled because of things going on at the station that were out of my control. I took this as a sign to give myself a break and took a month-long hiatus from Locals Only. I chose not to host any December radio shows, did not interview any bands, and only attended a handful of local shows for leisure. 

Transparency is a critical element to any successful organization, and I believe that everyone who supports Locals Only by reading my stories, sharing my posts or engaging with the radio show deserves an explanation to why Locals Only has been MIA during December. This project isn’t slowing down, it just needed to breathe.

With that said, thank you for all of your support. I have big goals for Locals Only in 2019, and I would like to take this opportunity to list them here:

In 2019, Locals Only will…

  • Continue to represent musicians of all ages, races, genders and ethnicities through both written and radio coverage. No more white boys club! The coverage of Chicago’s music scene must be as diverse as the people who are making music in the city.
  • Begin to publish video interviews with local artists
  • Have regular on-air interviews with local bands
  • Create a monthly, crowdsourced calendar of shows happening in the Chicagoland area


One thought on “2019 PSA

  1. Best of luck with the crowd-sourced calendar. My experience (in the political field) is that they don’t work more often than they do. Other folks have put together calendars that compile RSS feeds. That might be a step toward building a community (which seems to be an essential ingredient to crowd-sourcing) that feeds the calendar. The trade off is a certain surrender of editorial control. That surrender may or may not be an issue. I’m looking forward to seeing how yours works out. Onward!


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