Crystal Killers’ debuts new single, “You Don’t Know Why”

Southside indie rock band Crystal Killers will be releasing their latest single, “You Don’t Know Why,” on November 30.

Hailing from the West Lawn neighborhood, Crystal Killers has performed as a four-piece for two years and draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres and local Chicago artists.

Crystal Killers plays a summer backyard show | Photo courtesy Fabian Eli

“We have a variety of influences stemming from emo, pop punk, alternative, indie…to old-school Latin groups from the 70s,” said vocalist and guitarist Alan Martinez. “We’ve always tried writing music that was special to us and not specific to any one genre.”

The band certainly accomplished this goal with “You Don’t Know Why.” The three-minute track blends a psychedelic Latin sound reminiscent of Los Angeles breakout band Chicano Batman with standard indie rock progressions.

“The last thing I want is to have Latin influences but not have them present in the music,” said Martinez.

While the band’s influences are obvious in this song, their sound is quite unique within their south side music scene. The band plays on many mixed-genre lineups that feature punk, hardcore and heavier rock bands, so their sound naturally stands apart from the rest. Even when compared to their scene’s similar indie rock groups, like The Off Days, Beach Bunny and The Duke, Crystal Killer’s fuzzy Latin grooves set them apart from their fellow scenesters.

“You Don’t Know Why” is the first song released by the band after their December 2017 EP, Coming Down from the Calm. Crystal Killers has plans to release their sophomore EP in the spring of 2019.

To hear “You Don’t Know Why” when it debuts tomorrow, November 30, you can check this article, the Locals Only social media accounts or Crystal Killer’s Bandcamp page.


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