Punx Not Disposable 4

The fourth installation of Punx Not Disposable features photos taken on a disposable camera from the summer of 2018 and at Full Terror Assault Open Air.

From shows in legitimate venues to moments captured outside of backyard DIY shows, these photos showcase the diverse settings that comprise Chicago’s music community. If you’re interested in obtaining a physical print of any of these photos, shoot us an email.

Best Coast // June 30th, 2018 // Humboldt Park
Best Coast performs at Fat Tire’s festival, Tour de Fat

WDKY // July 8th, 2018 // Berwyn Block Party
WDKY performing at a Berwyn block party
WDKY’s first DIY performance in Berwyn

XEUTHANIZEDX // July 14th, 2018 // Cobra Lounge
XEUTHANIZEDX opens for Decline at “DIY at Cobra” night

Beach Bunny // August 12th, 2018 // Subteranean
Beach Bunny at their EP release show
Beach Bunny plays for a sold out crowd

UGLYBoNES Record Release Show // August 17th, 2018
UGLYBoNES headlines their release show at Galaxie 2.0
Burdened at Galaxie 2.0 in Ravenswood
DOS guitarist Nick Feltes is worshipped by fans

Through N Through // August 25th, 2018 // Villapalooza
Through N Through at Villapalooza

Full Terror Assault // September 8th + 9th, 2018
Cave-In-Rock, IL
Tricounty Terror rocks Full Terror Assault with their aggressive southern rock
Not even the rain could discourage goats from enjoying grindcore!
Fans wait for the next act at Full Terror Assault


All photos were taken by Nikki Roberts.


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