Riot Fest Q+A: Pustulus Maximus of GWAR

Another Riot Fest has come and gone, and for the sixth year intergalactic metal band GWAR has graced Riot Fest with their bloody presence. Before their blue blood-filled set, lead guitarist Pustulus Maximus spoke to Locals Only about the music he’s listening to now (it’s not what you’d expect!) and plans for a future GWAR B-Q.

Could you introduce yourself and where you’re from for the record?

I am Pustulus Maxiumus of GWAR. I play lead guitar and look really cool. I’m from Planet Crust but we hide out in Antartica when we’re not in Richmond, Virginia.

Lead guitarist Pustulus Maximus | Photo courtesy of Riot Fest
When I say “Chicago metal,” which bands come to mind?

I don’t know metal. I know more clubs than I know bands from here.

Which clubs?

Empty Bottle? Right? Cobra Lounge, fuckin’ Liars Club. All these places I frequent and do drugs in the basements.

Which bands are you listening to these days? Any metal bands?

Metal bands…I don’t listen to GWAR. I’m not listening to metal, it’s mainly just rock ‘n’ roll. Like Anal Cunt.

Anal Cunt is rock ‘n’ roll?

Yeah! They’re really soft. I listen to a lot of Scorpions, a lot of Scorpions lately. When you age and hit your mid-life crisis, I go home on the weekends and drive around in a convertible listening to Whitesnake and don’t talk to my kids.

GWAR has played Riot Fest six years now. Why is this a festival you keep coming back to?

They keep promising us money, so we keep coming back. But nah, Riot Fest is great to us. This is more than we could ever ask for. We tend to not be appreciative of much, but the fact that Chicago is a great city that’s always been kind to us and all the people at Riot Fest continually put up with our shit and our needs, we’re thankful for that.

What needs do you have other than money?

Other than money? Crack cocaine, crystal meth, things like that. I like the fact that I can shoot people in Chicago and there’s so many other murders that it’s kind of covered up. It’s just a grain of sand on the beach; no one will miss another one. If we shoot people in our hometown, they can crack down on us fast.

Any news on next year’s GWAR B-Q? Is it coming back soon?

I do not know. I feel like we should probably waste more money, so I feel like maybe it’s a good idea to have it. But at this time, we’re trying to goad somebody into loaning us some cash. If we can find a sucker, then yeah, we’ll probably have another one.


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