UGLYBoNES releases third full-length record, SUNSHINE

Written by Rob Halloran
Cover photo by Edy Garcia

For about half a decade now, the bastard punks in UGLYBoNES have brought punk to the modern age. The group couples high fidelity recording with a new abrasive touch from all fronts. Vocalist Lev practically punches you in your ears with a beautiful screeching yell. The guitars, in every iteration of lineup, have always been exciting enough without straying away from our source, but man, the best part about this band has always been the bass tone. If Lev punches you with his voice, bassist Viaj pretty much just throws the bass at your fucking head. The saturated, punchy mid-range bass has been what does it for me every time.

This time is no different.

This listen has some of the juiciest sounding instruments on a record I have ever heard. Hell, that was the case back when Wronged Goods dropped. Hi-fi UGLYBoNES isn’t a new thing, but wow, they really know how to push the envelope just right.

SUNSHINE seems to have some of the band’s most intrinsic and honest material yet, juxtaposing their usual “get fucked up ’til you’re close to dead” attitudes. Their 2016 release Growing Concerns laid down the law a while back, and SUNSHINE intends to enforce it. UGLYBoNES couples big, juicy production with honest, cutthroat words about self and surroundings, successfully reprising the signature style of the band: “don’t reinvent the wheel, just give the car four gnarly flat-tires.”

I could talk about the track-by-track all day. In short, this is something you should sit down and listen to with lyrics on hand. The length doesn’t exceed 20 minutes, it’s killer from front to back, “Bottom Feeder” showcases the coveted bass tone that glazes the entire record and, all-in-all, the record timestamps where we’re at, where they’re at,and where we may wanna be in the coming days in our lives with music and more.

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