Behind the Music: Final Vans Warped Tour Recap

The cross-country Vans Warped Tour, an alternative music festival started in 1995, has finally come to an end. Back in February 2018, founder Kevin Lyman announced that this year’s traveling fest would be the last summer milestone for many young music fans across the nation. With a diverse lineup of punk, metal and rap groups, Warped Tour has always appealed to a wide array of concert goers, and many fans site Warped Tour as the concert that exposed them to local bands and new genres of music.

However, some people just don’t get it. Spending all day under the sun, waiting in lines and being pushed around in sweaty crowds is anything but appealing, and those who have never attended a Vans Warped Tour date are often unaware of its impact on legacy attendees.

In this video recap, editor-in-chief Nikki Roberts quickly explains her relationship with the traveling music fest, its future and the significance each Warped Tour has held for her.

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