Habitats announces sophomore EP with the release of their first DIY music video

This fall, Habitats, a southside emo band, will be releasing their follow-up to 2017’s Heavy Heart, a nine-song EP that was as musically catchy as it was lyrically heartbreaking.

Despite the local success of many tracks off of Heavy Heart, the guys in Habitats harbored a few regrets about the quality of their debut EP. Instead of getting hung up on their mistakes, the band is attempting to correct their errors by approaching their sophomore release with care, patience and a greater artistic vision than they did just under a year ago.

“Recording and songwriting have gone a lot more smoothly [on our second EP] because we are speaking more as a band on what we like and don’t like about the songs. Recording each song individually has definitely helped us structure each song the way we would like,” said Fabian Barbar, guitarist of Habitats.

When Habitats released “The Mess You Made,” in April, the band chose not to announce that they were currently recording their next EP.

“Currently, we have two out of the five songs already recorded, and we go into the studio next week to record another song. We’re aiming to release the EP sometime in the fall,” said Louie Flores, bassist of Habitats. “The music itself is still along the lines of the music on Heavy Heart, just better.  The only exception is this new song ‘Unloveable.’ It’s a soft song. Every band has one, and we still think it fits our sound; we’re not straying too far from what we usually do.

As a treat for their fans, Habitats has decided to officially announce their second EP with the premiere of their music video for “Unloveable,” which was shot and edited by the Flores and his friend Jorge Ramirez in Flores’s apartment.

“I think the plants and artwork I have really set the mood for the video. A lot of our artwork has a lot of plants in it as well so it seemed fitting,” said Flores.

Habitats’ next EP is temporarily titled Dead Dreams, but the group has said it is possible that name will change. Regardless of the title, fans can expect a fall release full of passion and carefully tracked songs.

“The quality is just amazing. Lyric-wise, I think is still has the same personal touch that Heavy Heart did. I still got very personal, especially with ‘Unloveable.’ I don’t think I’ve ever really shared that part of my mind much to people before,” said Erik Salazar, the vocalist of Habitats.

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