Backyard Show Shots: Habitats & XEUTHANIZEDX

Eddy Garcia is at it again. On June 22, Garcia captured photos of local hardcore sludge band XEUTHANIZEDX and emo band Habitats during their sets at a backyard birthday show in Marquette Park. Five local bands, including Thisishowitendedintokyo, Sawbuck, and Death of Self, performed in honor of Habitats’ guitarist Elijio Guel’s 27th birthday.

Vocalist Salvador Martinez of XEUTHANIZEDX

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A shopping cart enters the XEUTHANIZEDX mosh pit
Fans lift up Habitats vocalist Erik Salazar

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Christian Rojos and Nikko Velazquez scream along with Habitats

You can find more of Garcia’s content here. 

Cover photo also by Eddy Garcia

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