Power Trip: Riley Gale talks plans for Full Terror Assault & a new album

Dallas thrashers Power Trip exploded onto the crossover metal scene with their 2013 Southern Lord release, Manifest Decimation. Five years later, the band is halfway through their North American tour as they continue to promote their sophomore record, Nightmare Logic.

Power Trip annihilated Chicago with an all-ages show at Reggie’s Rock Club on May 16, and the five-piece crossover group will also play a soldout 21+ gig at The Empty Bottle on May 19. After the band’s first stop at Reggie’s, vocalist Riley Gale took a few minutes to discuss songwriting for the next record and Power Trip’s plans for this fall as they headline Full Terror Assault and tour Australia and Japan for the first time.

Riley Gale performs with Power Trip at Reggie’s Rock Club // By Dan Patrick Photography

The last time Power Trip played in Chicago was back in November with Gatecreeper and Cannibal Corpse at Thalia Hall. How would you compare that show to tonight’s show at Reggie’s?

RG: That’s a good question. I think I liked tonight more just because it was a headliner show. Everyone was here for us. We’ve played Reggie’s before and it sold out, so I was happy to see it sell out again. I really like this place.

What have your past Chicago shows been like?

RG: We’ve played Chicago for years; maybe seven years now. But it gets better every time we play. We’ve played Beat Kitchen, Bottom Lounge, Cobra Lounge, Reggie’s, Thalia Hall, Aragon [Ballroom]. We’ve played all over the place; all over the city.

How would you compare a hometown Dallas, Texas show with playing in Chicago?

RG: It’s kind of incomparable. I can’t really put words to it. Shows at home are just crazier, they always are, just because it’s our hometown.

Looking ahead to your show at the Empty Bottle on Saturday, are you guys going to be changing up the setlist?

RG: Probably. We’ll probably do a different setlist. We’ll swap out a couple songs and change the order up. That’s just for the people who happen to go to both shows. We want to leave them with something that is different so they don’t just get the same show twice.

Let’s switch gears to Full Terror Assault. Which bands are you excited to see as a fan?

RG: Demolition Hammer. That’s number one. They’re a band that’s very stripped down and fast and raw and heavy. They’re definitely an influence on us. We love Demolition Hammer. Everyone in the band unanimously likes them, which is rare.

Will you guys be camping out at FTA?

RG: No. I don’t see us doing that. We’re not camping people.

Any special plans for FTA? Any surprises on your setlist?

RG: We have a festival setlist that’s different from what we do when we do headliner shows. It’ll be different, but I don’t know about any surprises or anything like that. We’re just going to go out there and play hard and see if people like it.

Between now and FTA in September, what’s Power Trip going to be up to?

RG: Nothing. We’re not going to do anything. We’re going to take a big fat, long break. That’s it. All we’re going to do is nothing. I’m going to sit at home and hang out with my dogs and that’s it. I have six dogs and they’re all mutts. I adopted them all.

What are your plans for this fall after you play FTA?

RG: We’re going to [tour] Australia and Japan. We’ve never been to either, so that will be cool. We have a single coming out and then we’ll probably start writing the new record around November.

Do you have an idea of what your fanbase is like in those countries?

RG: I have no expectations; I have no idea. I’ve never been out to either place so I can’t really say.

Last question. You’re wearing a Painkiller shirt. What’s your favorite Judas Priest album?

RG: Painkiller. It’s the hardest one.

Special thanks to Shane Merill. Cover photo by Dan Patrick Photography.

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