April photoset of the month: Brian Santostefano at Galaxie 2.0

Our second photoset of the month is courtesy of Brian Santostefano, a photographer who’s been shooting local punk, hardcore, grindcore, metal and indie rock shows since 1999. On Friday, April 20, Santostefano shot Ingrown, Dare, Decline, and x one foot in the grave x during the inaugural show at Galaxie 2.0 in Ravenswood, Chicago.

Santostefano shoots using a Nikon D5100 with a battery pack for balance and stability. He also uses the Nikon sb900 with a pocket bounce for action shots, and utilizes the Tamron 10-24mm wide-angle zoom lens and a fixed Nikkor 35mm lens.

To me personally, it doesn’t matter what you shoot through, it only matters on how you use it.
~Photographer Brian Santostefano

In addition to being a talented photographer, Santostefano currently plays guitar and performs the occasional vocal track with hardcore punk band Coronary. His favorite bands to photograph are American Nightmare, Modern Life is War, Hewhocorrupts, Kungfu Rick, Dead to Fall, Burdened, Ovef Ow, Bad Sons, Mystery Actions, and Decline.

ingrown 1.jpg
Calvin Hansen performs with Ingrown

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Ingrown gallery 2
Ingrown opened the floor at Galaxie 2.0’s inaugural show
decline cover.jpg
Vocalist Fernando Brenner of Decline offers the mic to the crowd

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decline 1
Former bass player Nathan Evans plays one of his last shows with Decline


dare cover.jpg
Vocalist Angle Garcia gets in the crowd’s face

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dare back.jpg
Dare Straight Edge Hardcore from Fullerton, California


x one foot in the grave x
one foot cover.jpg
x one foot in the grave x fans go wild for the last set of the night

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REAL one foot back
Bassist Kyle Roth poses with guest vocalist Jaxon

All photos courtesy of Brian Santostefano.

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