La Armada talks political activism and Anti-Colonial Vol. 1

It’s been awhile since we’ve had guests on Locals Only Radio. On April 23rd, La Armada stopped by the studio to talk with us about their recent record, Anti-Colonial Vol. 1, their upcoming shows, and the intersection between being musicians and political activists.

La Armada Interview
Here’s what else we played on April 23rd:
  1. Homan Square // La Armada
  2. Blackballed // Dare
  3. Path to Misery // Racetraitor
  4. Sidetracked // Through N Through
  5. Mission Creep // Decline
  6. Grunt // IngrownI
  7. It’s a Disease // 2MinuteMinor
  8. Human Filth // La Armada

Featured photo by Glegoz Photography.

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