Change the Rotation x Locals Only Spring Previews

By Nikki Roberts and Phil Collins
The amount of Chicago talent releasing new music in the next few months is overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that it takes two just to write about it! For these upcoming release previews, Locals Only has partnered with Change the Rotation in order to bring you more information about what’s new in DIY music.
Death of Self
Look Elsewhere
Since the release of Bomb the Burbs, a split EP featuring four original songs from Bad Timing and Death of Self, in March of 2017, Death of Self fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the band’s first full-length record, Look Elsewhere. The album will contain 15 tracks, eight of which have never been heard before, and will include fan favorites, “Two Minutes,” “To The End,” “Look Elsewhere,” and “Antiseptic.” Long time Death of Self listeners can also look forward to newly recorded versions of “Newsflash,” “Allseeing Eye,” and “The Truth,” all of which have been released on previous EPs.
I wish I could assure you that your long wait for more of the 4-piece punk band’s frantic guitar riffs, tantalizing drum intros, and driving bass lines is over, but it’s not. The band has yet to set an official release date for Look Elsewhere, but has assured their fans that the album will be out sometime between February and March. In the meantime, you can listen to the band’s previous releases here as you hope for a Valentine’s gift from the boys in Death of Self. NR
Under the Dark Mark

Chicago melodic thrash metal band Bloodletter has been ripping listeners’ ears to shreds since the release of their first demo in 2013. Five years later and with four EPs under their belts, the group was finally ready to tackle writing their first full-length record. And man, did they sure as hell succeed.

According to the band’s vocalist/guitarist, Pete Carparelli, Under the Dark Mark “has the aggression from our Malignancy record, the technicality of our self-titled record, and the melodic approach and sound from our Darkest Reaches EP, all mixed in there.” The influences from past releases are clearly there, but Under the Dark Mark presents a side of Bloodletter that listeners have never heard before. Musically, the ten new tracks are more technically thoughtful and polished than the band’s previous songs; lyrically, the songs address topics such as the occult, life and death, and the supernatural without coming off as cheesy or ironic thrash anthems.
With songs such as “Beyond Belief” that are guaranteed to summon chaotic circle pits and “The Seance,” one of my personal favorites, it’s safe to say that upcoming Bloodletter shows are about to be taken to an entirely new level. You can catch the band playing some of their new tunes on February 20th at Livewire (21+), or at the record’s release show on March 31st at the Subterranean in Wicker Park (17+). NR
Can’t wait until then? You can hear “Phantasmal Killer,” the seventh track off Under the Dark Mark, here:
Desire Paths

Chicago emo-tinged pop punks Turnspit release their debut full-length album via Dodgeball Records on February 16. Fans of last year’s Sincere Engineer or Oh My Snare LPs should gravitate toward this record. Meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies pervade. Split vocals between Gillian McGhee and Jason Swearingen create variety from one song to the next. Gillian takes lead vocals on the album opener, Jason on the second song and they both sing on the third track, “Walk Away.” I was lucky enough to get an early listen of the whole album and it rocks. Get ready for this one. You can check out the lyric video for “Breath Taking” here and listen to “Walk Away” here. Turnspit’s record release show is February 17 at the GMan Tavern with Retirement Party, Blood People, and Third Twin Sister. More info on that show here. Pre-order Desire Paths through Dodgeball Records. PC

The Kreutzer Sonata
The Gutters of Paradise
Local hardcore punks The Kreutzer Sonata return with their first full-length following some lineup changes. If you have seen them live lately, you know they have been playing a bunch of new songs. I am looking forward to finally hearing all these recordings. From what I have heard so far and seen at shows, the band is embracing their heavier side, making the melodic hooks that marked their previous releases fewer and further between. This is music for stomping cans and pushing people in a basement show. It has been three years since their last full-length came out (a couple 7-inches were released in the intervening years.) The band has changed and I am excited to hear it on record. The Gutters of Paradise comes out on February 14 through Don’t Panic Records & Distro, Collision Course Records and No Time Records. Pre-order it on the Kreutzer Sonata’s bandcamp page, where you can also listen to the songs “October Kids” and “Schlitz Faced.” PC

La Armada
Anti-Colonial Vol. 1

Hardcore group La Armada return with their second full-length album. This is a band that will just shred you to pieces, at live shows and on record. They originally formed in the Dominican Republic but have been based in Chicago since 2008. I cannot recommend seeing these guys live highly enough. The energy onstage combined with the propulsive music feeds rapidly into the crowd. If the video for “Fire” is any indicator, this new album is going to be full of rippers. Preorder Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 here. The album is self-released and comes out on March 30. Future pressings will be handled by Creep Records and Epidemic Records. La Armada joins Propagandhi and Iron Chic on an absolutely stacked tour in March. They stop at the Metro on March 3. More info on that show here. Be there or forever kick yourself. PC

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