Locals Only Radio: Badass Chicago Chicks

Thanks for tuning in! If you missed this week’s show (or want to hear it again!) you can listen below. Check us out live every Thursday from 2-3pm on iHeartRadio, the Radio DePaul app, or at radio.depaul.edu.

This week, I considered the guests I’ve had on the show, as well as the artists who create the music I’ve been playing. I came to the conclusion that it’s absolutely crucial to start incorporating more women and femme-presenting people and the music they’re creating on Locals Only. Listen to this week’s show to hear some of my favorite local chicks!

Locals Only Radio 1.04.18: Badass Chicago Chicks

Here’s what was played today on Locals Only @ Radio DePaul:
Your Heartbeat Is // Emily Blue
Sports // Beach Bunny
Getcha Good // Celine Neon
Think Again // So Pretty

Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7 // Sincere Engineer

The Opressor // Slutbomb
Drag // Shitizen
The Sun is Out // Caitlin Edwards
Movin’ On // Yoko and the Oh No’s
She Ain’t Mine // Yoko and the Oh No’s

Apology // Dead Split Egos

Ominous Tongue // Disincarnate
Screens // Buried in Yellow

Blink Once If You Want Me To Pull the Plug // Elton John Cena
Worthless // Turnspit

Do You Love Me Like You Used To? // Best Coast

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