Melodic Mondays: Nahuales Underground

Nahuales Underground is a 4-piece suburban band that features Loco Dub on guitar/vocals, Ismael Echeverria on bass, Chente Echeverria on guitar/vocals, and Mikas on drums. The band’s mix of Spanish and Midwest influences combine to create an energetic sound that includes elements of ska, metal, reggae, and punk rock. After playing locals shows and recording demos and EPs for nearly a decade, Nahulaes Underground decided it was time to release a full-length LP. Thus, Politico Incorrect was created. This collection of 10 songs addresses social and cultural situations, and also includes a few satirical love songs. The band describes this album as fitting “the Chicago style”-loaded with punk, grunge, and just a hint of ska, which “perfectly fits the concept of a Mexican-American band.”


Photo Credit: Antonio Ché Ramos

Personal Favorites from Politico Incorrect: Criminal, Poco Justicia, Satira

Upcoming Shows: April 7th @ Underground Lounge // Doors 8pm // $5 // 21+
Beat The Smart Kids
Something To Do
The Damn Tracks

420 Skafest @ Beat Kitchen
April 16th // 8pm // 17+
Self Medicated

You can connect with Nahuales Underground on Facebook.

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