Melodic Mondays: The Slaps

The Slaps, a 3-piece band composed of members from Kentucky and the Chicago ‘burbs, describe themselves as “three hungry poets.” After releasing their first demo in the summer of 2016, the band has continued to steadily put out music, leading up to their latest full length release, Susan’s Room.

Photo Credit: Veronica Liszewski

Susan’s Room was released on January 31st, 2017, and proves that The Slaps are capable of expertly mixing genres and incorporating a variety of influences into their sound. Tracks like “Song for a Friend” and “Mama” create a surf-rock feel with catchy guitar riffs and melodic, muted vocals. On the other hand, songs like “Will Have Been Being Around” have a slight southern blues groove to them. Comparable artists include Twin Peaks, NE-HI, and Mac Demarco.

Personal Favorites: “Song for a Friend” & “See Her”
You can follow the band on Instagram and check out their latest tunes on Spotify.

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