Locals Only EXCLUSIVE Interview: The Wrecks

Nick Anderson, Aaron Kelley, Nick Schmidt, and Billy Nally are four Californian boys better known as The Wrecks. The band has only released one EP entitled We Are The Wrecks, but the group has promised they are in the process of creating more of their infectious, pop rock sound. The Wrecks played their second show in the Windy City last month at the Double Door with Chicago’s very own Rakunk and Canadian band Bleeker. (check out locals only’s interview with Bleeker here) A week after seeing The Wrecks play the infamous Wicker Park venue, I had the chance to talk to the guys in the band about their musical influences, their time in Chicago, and upcoming tour dates.

Photo taken from wearethewrecks.com

How did you start playing music? Who are your influences?

Aaron Kelley: I started playing music after I graduated high school in 2010. We all met in 2015. I knew Nick for a long time over Facebook, and then we met and I introduced him to our manager. The other guys knew Nick from writing music together a couple years prior to that. Nick [Schmidt] and Billy have been playing music since they were seven, Nick [Anderson] since he was fourteen, and we all have different histories in music. Nick [Anderson] and I grew up in a pop punk type of style, and Billy’s more classic rock. And Nick [Schmidt]’s funky.

Nick Schmidt: I love funk music. Y’know, like Lettuce? James Brown, shit like that. I also like a lot of 90’s and 70’s music.

Besides the hometown element, what’s the main difference between California and Chicago shows?

The Wrecks: We were barely playing shows in LA before we started touring, so we don’t really have the LA experience.

It’s all about the energy. In Chicago, and a lot of Midwest cities, there’s a lot more raw energy in the crowds. Every single time we’ve played in the Midwest, whether it be in Milwaukee or Minneapolis, it’s always an insane crowd. I think in LA you get a crowd that’s a little bit cooler, a lot of people trying to check out who the new band is. A lot of people in the industry see so many bands who are trying to be too cool, but when you go to the Midwest, everybody’s equal.

Considering the Double Door closed its doors less than a few weeks after you played there, is there anything you want to say about the venue?

The Wrecks: The Double Door was amazing! There was a lot of weed smoked in that green room. There was an aux built into the wall and everything. The Double Door was awesome and the crowd was fucking insane! Everyone working at the venue, including the security, was so cool.
Billy Nally: Other than kicking me out at first because I’m not 21.
The Wrecks: Our drummer isn’t 21 yet, so he was kicked out of our green room.
Your set at the Double Door was three times as long as all the songs you guys have released; so when is the new album coming out? You obviously have the material ready.

The Wrecks: It’s in the works. It’ll be some time. We’re trying to decide right now if we’re going to do an EP or an album. We have a lot of songs written, so if we wanted to do an album we could, but we don’t know if we would put together the strongest album we could at this point. So I think we’re going to do another EP of songs we really think are strong, and then move ahead with an album. We’re actually in the studio right now.

You recently parted ways with your former guitarist. What’s the difference between recording your last EP with him and this new EP without him?

The Wrecks: It’s not really much different. When he was here, he had his style and his input as a guitarist, but things aren’t much different now. We’re still doing our thing. We’re working as the same kind of machine as we did before. Rollin’ with the punches.

What can we expect next from The Wrecks?

The Wrecks: We’re going to be playing some college shows and some festivals. And we’re going to put out new music over the summer! We’re playing Edgefest in Dallas on April 1st, and Houston Whatever Fest on April 2nd. We’re playing for a fraternity party at Texas A&M the same weekend as those festivals. Just a few shows here and there while we sort out recording our new music and our new live set.

You can listen to We Are The Wrecks below.

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